Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Cleaning

I have just completed my easter cleaning--not a spring cleaning, just a prep for the easter dinner guests cleaning. ANYWAY, my friend, Anya, turned me on to Mrs. Meyer's. And Dr. Oz convinced my cheapskate hubby it is worth it to pay a little more for the non-toxic cleaners. So I usually use geranium scent. I just LOVE the counter top spray and all purpose cleaner for the floors and the hand soap!!!! I used the surface scrub powder (like comet) for the first time -- it is super fabulous on the ring around the tub with virtually zero elbow grease, but does not smell like the liquid geranium scent. It's okay though because the lovely geranium scent from the toilet bowl cleaner fills the air , so I can not smell the icky scrub powder smell.
I just bought a cute little spring cleaning kit in rhubarb scent---yummy! It came with window cleaner which I would never have purchased because let's be frank, I just don't wash windows. But I used it on Tara's nose smudges and it was streak free and sparkling with ONE SINGLE swipe of my paper towel. I may start washing all the windows! I also used the counter top spray and like it very much, but I still like geranium best. I got a free counter top spray in Basil when I placed an online order---yuck. Kyle thought it smelled fresh, but I think it's icky doodle!

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