Thursday, March 20, 2008

Piano Man

Reese went to Mimi's tonight while I took my final exam. I finished early so I met them at Uncle Dylan's drum lessons. Reese checked out the pianos. I like this Wurlitzer, but it's pretty spendy. I think we'll hunt for a cheaper one when Reese is ready for lessons. He really likes playing with Uncle Dylan's drums too. So, maybe we'll have a musician on our hands. When I took the "band test" to determine which instrument to play in elementary school it was determined I had no he doesn't get it from me.
Mimi said he was very intrigued by his pop-up toy. He twisted the knob and checked for it to pop up, when it didn't he twisted some more....he's got that cause and effect milestone down. He ate lots of rice and beans at El Sombrero tonight and guess what--NO PROJECTILE VOMIT!!! Hooray!

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