Friday, March 7, 2008

New Toy and Yardwork

I do not know what the issue is with Reese's eyes...maybe the lashes fluttered but I got a slew of blurry photos. This is the least crappy of the crappy pictures of Reese with his new favorite toy. He has quickly realized that his personal toys that are all his-no need to share with anyone-are not nearly as fun to play with as everything else. He enjoys electrical cords and anything that arrived in the mail, the pinecones in the basket behind him, the stack of recordable cds and the high pressure air blower on the lower shelf of the computer desk....but his MOST favorite thing that is not his own is this snazzy cat ball with the bell inside. It is super fun to chase and bat around as well as the mighty fine taste. The cats clearly exhibit some uptight anxiety-riddled behavior while this toy is in use, but so far they haven't reclaimed it. This is the view from my kitchen window...bark dust and rocks for our landscaping! I'm sure the neighbors are super happy with the big trucks in the alley blocking passage.
This is the view from the front window...we're getting a snazzy row of evergreen spurts. Eventually they'll grow together and taller to create a sound and visual barrier between us and the road....but we'll have to wait because big fat ones cost a lot more than these smaller ones.
We're getting our flower beds prepped and ready (no flowers though--we'll do that ourselves at some point), the grass is getting thatched and reseeded and some driveway gravel out back for people to park on. They also built me a raised vegetable garden bed. It's gigantic, but not easily photographed from inside the house. I'll take a picture once the guys leave. Hopefully I'll have a ton of our produce come canning time. We're growing tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, carrots, bell peppers...i think that may be it. I may be able to stop buying cases of diced tomatoes from costco!! We shall see the how the growing goes. Candy Gram ordered a banana tree/bush/plant for us so maybe we'll have bananas too.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't your little big man wear his glasses anymore? : )

New York Dorothy Pitt