Saturday, December 1, 2007

Recipe in a Jar

Since we bought 12 million jars on Craigslist for canning season the mommies decided to use some of them to make recipes in a jar. Anya's hubby is growing weary of his garage that resembles the Ball/Kerr mason jar company warehouse. We were quite productive! Amy and Anya were jar making machines. Jennica braved the practically freezing weather to cut some greenery from Anya's trees so we can make swags for our front doors. I came late because Reese is still a little sick so he went to Mimi's instead of mommies group, so I didn't get to see Julie and John Paul much since they left early. BUT I did see John Paul who is 5 days older than Reese has SIX teeth!! Matthew is one month older and has 4 teeth. Lincoln is a month younger and has 2 bottom teeth and delighted in showing them along with his gummy top to me! Reese is working diligently to get his teeth, maybe by next week's meeting.Amy is doing an "action" shot..I guess we didn't hear the command. Then Anya, me, Julie. Jennica is snapping the photo.

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