Monday, December 3, 2007


Kyle is geared up to walk to work. Bremerton's conditions at the moment were 54 degrees, 30mph winds, 100% humidity. I don't think I've ever seen the weather report say 100% humidity. The news reports that our Bremerton Airport registered 6 inches of rain. Seattle airport registers 3.something inches of rain: the second wettest day in history. The number 1 wettest day was in October 2003. Washington has been declared a state of emergency.

Check out our weather problems
You can see weather photos that are submitted by local people (I think). Some of them are kind of hard to realize what's going on if you are not familiar with the location, but you can get an idea at least.

Reese's Mariners hat doesn't cover his ears and we've had a hard time finding a hat that is not too big. But we bought one last night and here is Reese trying it out. We hovered by the door while Kyle sopped up the standing water by the basement door. He's seems to like it okay.

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