Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas EVE

We had Christmas Eve at the Benza's. This is Reese's first gift. We opened one before dinner and he really loved the wrapping paper--very tasty. Later he was on my lap and held a gift on his lap while Candy Gram passed everything out. All of a sudden he started coughing and I realized he had a stringy ribbon stuffed in his mouth all slobbery and gross, but he enjoyed it. After a dinner of both beef and pork tenderloin (there was supposed to be more guests) we headed to the Christmas Eve service at Crossroads Church where Kyle's parents attend. Here's a shot of the three of us. It's the one with Kyle's eyes the most open, unfortunately it's also the one with my biggest chin fat.
We met up with my friend, Shannon and her husband, Charles and sons, Liam and Finn. Finn and Reese realize in horror that they've made a huge fashion faux pas and have shown up wearing the same designer Christmas outfit. We will remember to coordinate for future events to avoid the embarrassment. Then back home to open gifts. And the star of the show:
It is still in the box because I am unsure of my color wishes. You can see the little color swatch next to the red numbers. This is pistachio which most closely matches my sage kitchen. But my kitchen is so dinky it can't live on the counter so it doesn't have to match. I am debating whether or not to trade it for a funky color. I'm torn, but will decide by Wednesday...either we'll bust it out or go get another color.


Julie said...

I love my Kitchen Aide!! I am sure you will too!

anya* said...

amy got a kitchen aide for christmas too! hmmm if i could choose ANY color it would be a pink one. they are so cute!!