Sunday, December 16, 2007

Reese is 10 months old!!!

Reese is 10 months old chronologically. 7 months and 1 weeks corrected age. He was 15 pounds, 27 inches at his doctor appointment on 11/29/07. I bet he's gained about a pound or so since then. Coincidentally Kyle was those exact measurements at 4 months. He has definitely been eating more, he notices a lot more of his surroundings. He is completely fascinated by all lights. He even ogles the overhead light when it's off. He watches the traffic drive by the front window like it's a tennis match. He loves his jumperoo and he still likes to superman. He really likes to chill with Dad. He'll actually sit on the couch with Kyle and watch football. He absolutely will NOT sit on the couch with mommy. Oh no, he can not tolerate anything resembling relaxation!
The Christmas decorations are up and Reese is mesmerized by the fiber optics snowman lights. I put him in the bumbo and pushed him close enough to touch the snowman. He is working very hard to crawl. He's been getting around by rolling and scooting. Lately he's been getting up on his hands and knees and throwing his body forward. Sometimes he uses his hands and pushes himself backward a bit. The last few days he's been on all fours rocking. This morning he moved about 6 feet while I wasn't looking. I caught him up on all fours in his new did he crawl the whole way? Maybe!
Reese loves his feet and his hands. They are the tastiest toys during this whole teething period.

and he LOVES to have his clothes off. He seems to be able to move about much easier. He tends to pull his legs up into his clothes which really hinders his forward motion.
I couldn't capture a good photo since both subjects are rather oblivious to the process, but Reese really notices the cats now. When he realizes they are nearby he smiles so big. he goes as fast as he can to get close enough to touch but they've run by then. Today he got up on hands and knees and lurched forward ferociously. He was face to face with Tara just long enough for her to sniff him, but not long enough for him to get his hand out to touch her. And they were both out of position by the time my photo snapped.

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