Friday, December 21, 2007

The Latest Update

Wednesday Reese's pediatrician's office was working on getting authorization from another RSV provider that would hopefully charge us less than $1000 out of pocket per injection. Then Thursday morning my dad (Grandpa in Virginia) called to say he would chip in $500 each month for the RSV shots, so we decided we'd go ahead and get the shots at the $1000. But I will still pursue trying to get it cheaper for future injections. We got an appointment at a Bremerton place for 1pm Friday. We went today, got the shot and get this...covered 100%. So I don't know if this is the difference between Mary Bridge Children's and the other company, Option Care or is it just that we already paid our annual out of pocket cap? We'll see in January but for now he got the vaccine for one month and we didn't have to pay the $1000. The health department emailed me back asking me to call them, but we were hectic today--and we got the shot so it's less urgent, so I will call them Wednesday after Christmas to find out our options for January. Thursday Reese and I went to another eye shop and tried on glasses:These are a little large and crooked. They've ordered a smaller pair for us to try. Kyle likes this blue, but I think it clashes with the blue of his eyes, so we are not 100% yet, but I think we're getting these. The other place had miniature sized grown up glasses. These are baby glasses....all one piece, no metal parts, no screws, no nose pads to cram into his eye when he falls over. So they are much safer for an infant. Once he's bigger (2ish or so) he can have bigger boy cool glasses--assuming there is such a thing, he may have to wait until he's much bigger to find cool ones. He didn't have a fit and yank these off instantly. He let us get a few pictures before grabbing them, of course he has a huge gash from his fingernail under his eye now. But all of our doctor trials over over and we can now enjoy Christmas. Yippee! I'll never schedule multiple visits in one week again since 2/3 of our visits were horrible news! BTW Today Reese weighed 15 pounds 13 ounces, so he gained the 1/2 ounce per day the pediatrician recommends.

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