Monday, December 31, 2007

The year in review:

I had intended to put a newsletter in my Christmas cards, but I couldn't find paper I liked. Then I figured if anyone is interested they'll log on to the blog, so I may as well post it here for free!

2007 with the Benzas

January: The year began with Kyle still working 12 hour days at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. He was working 4 pm – 4am. Heather’s work schedule altered for school down to 10 hour weeks, then to 8 hour weeks because of new shift bids. We had tons of snow. I stayed up watching Grey’s Anatomy Season ONE on DVD most nights waiting for Kyle to get home. Heather started English and Anatomy & Physiology…the last pre-requisites for the nursing program. We sold the townhouse (FINALLY!) and closed on January 30. January 31 I had my 27 week appointment with my obstetrician who found I had super high blood pressure and protein in my urine.

February: On February 1st Thomas and Kyle and I headed over to the University of Washington Medical Center where I was admitted for pre-eclampsia. My inpatient saga is chronicled at page name: benzababy. Kyle missed a lot of work. Reese Eliot Benza was born February 16 at 29 weeks gestational age weighing 2 pounds 2 ounces. Heather came home from the hospital reluctantly on February 23. Reese stayed in the NICU at UWMC.

March: Heather traveled every other day or so to the hospital to visit Reese and slept most of the in between days while struggling with the side effects of high blood pressure meds…UGH! Diet and exercise people!! Kyle visited every Sunday and returned to working full time. Baby shower on the 31st!!

April: Reese traveled via ambulance on the ferry to Harrison Hospital in Silverdale to “feed and grow” on April 3. Mommy got sick and could not visit for a week. Reese came home April 16, which was the last day of my maternity leave so I got to quit my job. Woo Hoo! Kyle took 2 weeks vacation. Reese’s first outing other than to the pediatrician was to Lowe’s and Fred Meyer, where mommy smashed his head into the roof of the car lifting him up to sniff his butt to check for poo. Daddy reminded mommy of that often when she corrected his baby handling skills.

May: Grandpa came to visit from Virginia. The public health nurse came to the house for weight checks. Kyle worked and Heather sat on the couch holding Reese. Kyle turned 29 whopping years old and Heather had half of a peach martini—the first alcohol since August.

June: Reese moved into his own bedroom. He had his final ophthalmologist appointment for Retinopathy of Prematurity and was declared visually healthy. We did shop hop!!!!! On day one Reese and I went with my friend, Laura and her daughter Delaney. The next 4 days Kyle came with us. We traveled to about 48 quilt shops along the I-5 corridor. It was the most fun! We bought a Dodge Nitro and downsized to the one vehicle since Kyle walks to work.

July: Reese went swimming at the YMCA and we joined a mommies group. We vacationed in Lake Chelan, WA with Mimi and Poppop and Uncle Travis and Uncle Dylan, where Kyle discovered Guitar Hero and an obsession was born. Reese rolled from his tummy to his back. We got our basement floor rhino coated and now it’s actual living space.

August: Kyle got sent to work in Everett, WA. So Reese and I went along and hung out at the hotel….a daily maid…blissful! Reese successfully used his exersaucer and started laughing at himself in the mirror.

September: Still in Everett. Reese had his 4 month corrected age appointment with the physical therapist at UWMC. She tests his abilities and expects him to perform like a full term 4 month old would since he should be 4 months old now. He passed with flying colors. Reese started eating rice cereal and sweet potatoes and peas!! Kyle’s Uncle Mark and Aunt Gloria visited from Connecticut. We went to Seattle to Pike Place Market one day and then to Reese’s first professional baseball game. The Mariners lost. I abandoned the hospital blog and began our new blog I joined a book club. We became infatuated with at home Karaoke.

October: Kyle started working 12 hour shifts at Bangor, so he has to drive. Basically Reese and I did nothing all month because we had no car. Kyle’s normal shift is 3pm-midnight so we go do our errands at 3pm, but with a 12 hour shift he leaves at 5 pm, so we need to visit with him from 2pm-5pm while he’s awake, but Reese and I can’t get moving early enough to leave the house. Reese and I went with Mimi to Uncle Travis’ college for parents’ weekend at Whitworth University in Spokane. Kyle got Madden ’08 for the Xbox 360 and Reese LOVES to watch him play.

November: We hosted Thanksgiving at our house. Grandpa from Virginia visited. Great Grandparents from Vancouver also visited. Reese had his first cold and ear infection. We finished all of our Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving! Heather is super excited that our yard waste collection can now allows us to add compost stuff (fruits, veggies, coffee grounds!)

December: We had record breaking amounts of rain and flooding. We found out Reese needs glasses and $1000 per month shots for 5 months. Reese crawls, chatters and sits…oh yeah he also shrieks a hideous high pitched squeal when he is annoyed or frustrated or you do not jump fast enough or high enough to suit his fancy. We decided we’re the parents now we get to make the rules, so Kyle and I opened our gifts to/from each other on December 15!!! Ha, you guys weren’t even done shopping were you?

2007 was shockingly fast. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m swiftly approaching ancient or because having a new baby makes everything a whirlwind. Either way our 2008 resolution is to capture more time for fun, family things. We plan to stay on top of organizational task so we can work more efficiently. We’ll plan more thoroughly to cut down on wasted trips to save time and also gas. Hopefully that will free up more time so 2008 doesn’t feel like a flash.

Happy New Year!

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