Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa's Lap

Reese sat on Santa's lap today. He was not scared at all. He actually smiled with his tongue sticking out in three of the shots they took. He was very intrigued with Santa's real beard. The photographer captured Reese whispering his Christmas wish list into Santa's ear. He said"Santa, I want to look super cool like Clark Kent and Harry Potter and Elvis Costello! I want eye glasses for Christmas." He will be getting his Christmas wish. Reese had a follow-up visit with the ophthalmologist today and he is officially nearsighted and has astigmatism. His left eye is dramatically more near sighted than the right eye, which could lead to a lazy eye if not corrected. So Reese will be getting baby sized glasses for Christmas. Unfortunately Kitsap county has a VERY limited number of places that carry them and our insurance does not cover hardware--exams only. SO......We will hunt around this week to all the eye places we can find that carry baby glasses to find the hippest glasses for the best price. If we can't find any I have recommendations from 2 local optical labs for places in Seattle. Tomorrow Reese goes to Mary Bridges' Children's Clinic in Tacoma for his first RSV vaccination for $350 a pop. Hopefully RSV season is short. Perhaps we'll have time to check some glasses places in Tacoma. Then Wednesday he gets his second flu shot. Yippee! What a fun week. AND I may try to schedule a second opinion visit with a different eye doctor, but ours is the only pediatric ophthalmologist in Kitsap, so we either have to go to Seattle or to a regular eye doctor. And yes I know regular eye doctors can see adults as well as kids, but I bet very few have ever had a 15 pound patient, so I don't know that their 2nd opinion is all that valuable. We'll see. I'm trying very hard to be thankful he's not blind or that he doesn't have cerebral palsy or that he didn't die in the NICU, but it really sucks that my cutie boy will probably be stuck with hideously ugly baby glasses. Check out the photo gallery of a baby glasses website for an idea of what they look like.

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