Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Tree

We went to Bacon's Tree Farm in Belfair to hunt for our Christmas Tree on Saturday . Surprisingly we found one in about 5 minutes!!That's our Tree to the right of us. A little hard to see it and get all 3 of us in the photo. Once it's up and decorated I'll post a photo of the tree by itself.
Here's Kyle getting ready to cut down our tree at Bacon's Tree Farm in Belfair. Madison, the Gutierrez family dog, is in the background.
Reese and Mommy at the tree farm.
Here's Kyle with our tree all wrapped and ready to strap to the car. It looked really puny but the measuring chart says it's 8 feet. We'll see when it's in the house.
After tree cutting we hit Subway for lunch and Reese got his first taste of Daddy's Nacho Cheese Doritos. He's licking his lips to get every last bit powdered cheese goodness.

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