Thursday, August 12, 2010


While in Lake Chelan we hit the putt-putt golf course. I really thought Reese would love this, but he really wasn't too interested.He spent quite a bit of time running in the sandtraps. That's Kyle's dad in the upper right. Granddad and Gigi went first. They were on the speed golfing plan so after these first couple of holes they were way ahead of us. There they are way off in the distance in this photo below with Reese running on the green. In the distance is the new "The Lake House at Chelan." We took the tour of the model. It's sort of a time share. They sell each unit in 4 blocks so you get 13 weeks a year. It is very fancy and we like it a lot, but I think once a year every other year is plenty for us. Also it's quite expensive.
Reese did enjoy playing with the flag.
He finally decided to try to putt...of course it's during Daddy's turn and he's off to the side of the green.
Gus enjoyed himself even though he was stuck in the stroller and it was a million degrees.
At one point Reese tossed his ball in the trash and announced he was all done! We were only about halfway.
He found a gimpy bird to chase around the course. I don't know why this bird hopped around on one foot to escape for quite awhile--it flew just fine when it decided it had had enough of being chased.

The last hole Reese suddenly wanted to putt all of our balls in, so we don't have an accurate accounting of who won (it was Mommy).
Mimi, Uncle Travis, Uncle Dylan, Amy and Amanda brought up the rear. Then we packed it in before we all dies of heat stroke. I believe we hit the pool shortly after this.

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My Family My Forever said...

Reese looks all boy exploring the course. I love his throw in the trash and declaration of "all done".

Cute picture of Gus as always too:-).