Friday, August 13, 2010

Jet Ski

One day we all got jet skis. We dropped some people off at the jet ski rental place and the rest of us headed out to a park in Manson (next town over from Chelan also right on the lake).
Great Grandpa Bob and Great Grandma Joyce could not be talked into getting on the jet skis.We shared one with Kyle's parents. His dad picked it up so we just hung out at the park waiting for them all to show up.
Reese really ate up the attention from the girls. Here he's hanging out with Amanda.
Miss Susie entertained Gus.
He tried eating some petrified puff balls that fell from the trees. By the time they were on the ground and petrified they were hard as rocks, but the ones attached to the tree were fluffy like dandelion puff balls.
Daddy and Reese checked out the playground.
Finally the jet skis arrived. To the left is Von and Alissa, to the right is Travis, Amy and Dylan.
Kyle, Reese and I briefly tried it out. At 2 miles per hour Reese said "stop the boat! stop the boat!" over and over. When he started pushing back we decided to pack it in before he totally freaked and tipped me off. We dropped off Reese and tried again. When we hit 5 miles per hour (still in the no wake zone) I was done too. So Kyle had to go out by himself.
We just hung around at our spot, gabbing while we waited for the jet skiers. Kyle must've been out because his parents and grandparents are all in the background. Alissa is with Gus and Reese is down in front.

Kyle said he got a little nervous when he hit 61 mph. He spent the rest of the night scouring the internet for jet skis for sale.
Reese and Gus watching the folks in the water.
Reese is all done!

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