Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mr. Fix Its

The collector thingy for condensation from our furnace/heat pump (whatever part is inside the basement) overflowed. A few weeks back we thought it was fixed, but it overflowed again.The Saturday guy didn't have a bigger collector thing on his truck so we had to put temporary thingy in place until Monday. We used a disposable aluminum baker pan. Gus loved this part of the job.
Reese mostly just climbed around on Daddy's back with his superhero figures.
He thought it was pretty fun too. It got all fixed on Monday with a bigger official collector thingy. No more leaks! The carpet in the man room (of course it leaked though the wall) is shampooed and the water is all sucked out! Hooray!

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My Family My Forever said...

Cute pictures, but sucky situation! I know you are so relieved to have it fixed. We had a terrible situation with pipes under our kitchen sink about a month ago. Water leaks are the worst!