Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Reese got to do go-carts for the first time!He rode in the double car with Daddy.
And they're off!!
Uncle Dylan hot on their tails.
Mimi trying overtake Amanda.
Daddy and Reese determined to hold their position.
Mimi passes on the inside.
Daddy and Reese blocking Alissa.
Gussy stuck in the stroller again.


Julie said...

Looks like a good time!! Did he like it?

My Family My Forever said...

It sucks to be Gus stuck in that stroller. Always Jack and Jesse here, although Jack is getting out a bit more these days:-).

LOVE this, this is one of Jamie, Hanna and Joe's favorite things to do!!

karts for kids said...

Great way to spend tiem together! My 5 years old son love go karting, thus i know how is to have a child crazy about go karting.