Sunday, August 15, 2010

Petting Zoo

We went to the petting zoo at Banjo Creek Farms. The grandpa of these quads is the owner. We saw the quads playing and learned that the smallest of them was bigger than Reese at birth! She had 4 babies all bigger than Reese in 2005 and now she's back to a size 2. Ugh, I gotta exercise.
Anyway, they had water barrel cows made into a cow train. The boys jumped in right away (okay so I helped Gus.)
He thought it was pretty cool. Standing up he could see everything.

Daddy and Reese got in "Jelly Bean" together for the ride.
Here we are coming back from our ride. Alissa and Amanda joined us so we weren't the only dorks on the ride!
Then we all headed over to the petting area.
Reese rode the tree stumpn horse first.
Then they checked out the donkeys.
Alissa made a friend!This giant Clydesdale, Bailey, ended up backing up to the fence where they are standing after they moved on to pet other stuff and then he let the hugest fart ever. It was pretty darn funny.
Reese rode the tire swing molded into the shape of a horse.
We also bought lots of stuff on sale in their gift shop!

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My Family My Forever said...

"only dorks on the ride", you're funny. Love that last picture of Reese.