Friday, August 27, 2010

Almost Ready for Halloween

So maybe "almost ready for Halloween" is a little ambitious. I hope I don't jinx us, but check this out:What you are looking at in the photo above is a single surviving pumpkin plant. Seriously that is just one plant! It completely jumped out of the planter and is creeping down the yard. This is the area between the sidewalk leading from the back yard to the front and the side fence. Kyle wasn't keen on having to mow this strip so we decided to just rock it in. OK so really before we had a fence at all the guy next door completely rocked his whole yard. As there was no fence it seemed dumb to make him stop at the middle and leave us a 2 foot strip of grass. He just rocked up to our sidewalk. When the fence went in we had an automatic rocked area. We have a shed thingy for yard tools...which is what the pumpkin is creeping towards and then 2 6 feet long metal horse water holders that I'm using as planters.
Here you can see 2 of my pumpkins!! We actually have 4. Unfortunately I accidentally snapped one off during my inspection. oops. But we only need 2. One for carving (Gus doesn't need his own this year) and one to put my wooden turkey stakes in.


JessieLeigh said...

How fun! I have cantaloupe that's doing the same thing. :) I have four vines and, so far, 40 melons on there. They're small yet and I don't imagine they'll all survive... that's a lot of cantaloupe. ;) Reese will love watching those pumpkins grow!!!

My Family My Forever said...

This is cool Heather! I hope Reese gets to see this pumpkin for Halloween for sure!