Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Pool

In our backyard we had a inground heated pool. You wouldn't think a pool would need to be heated in a sweltering place, but it sure was nice! I love being able to get right in and be comfortable without having to go in incrementally being cold with each new inch of body in the water.

We found these cool chairs that have two waterguns built in! Tubing goes through the chair into the water providing and endless supply of ammunition!
Gus floated around in his floaty ring that has a mesh seat. He really enjoyed the pool. Reese got into it once too and then turned sideways to kick and paddle after me. That made him tip over. Luckily about 10 minutes prior I had reminded him to close his mouth and nose if he went underwater by mistake. We were able to get to him fast. He came up crying and screaming, but no choking or sputtering. He rebounded quickly and even jumped off the side into the pool again.
He especially liked using the water canon in water fights. He had his kick boards as shields whenever anyone else had a canon, but in this photo he has both. Here he is hiding behind a shield. If he started getting hit he'd have a fit he was getting sprayed, but he sure did like spraying everyone else!
Here's Gus cruising with all his pool toys collected around him.
We used the pool every day, sometimes twice a day. It was definitely a huge positive point to have our own pool in our yard. Much nicer than sharing with strangers! The pool guy came twice to vacuum and deal with the chemicals, so all we did was skim it and adjust the temp.

Reese potty trained beginning the Saturday prior to vacation. This was a little worrisome to me. He wore a diaper in the car "just in case" on the way there, but he didn't end up needing it! He went before we left, then again at Mimi's, then at Burger King with Daddy. He perfected standing to pee while we were there too. Before vacation he was pooping with no problem, but while there I think he was holding it back. He only went Monday and Friday---in the grass. Both times we were playing in the pool when all of a sudden he got the "poop stance" on the deck. In our rush to get out and to the potty we whipped of his swimsuit and out fell the poop. Then he just finished on the lawn. It was pretty funny...and gross. Since home he woke up with poop in his diaper once (he is wearing a diaper to bed with instructions to get up and use the potty if he needs to, but the diaper is there in case he doesn't wake up. I don't think this has caused any confusion.) and once he went to the potty without telling anyone and went in his underwear---GROSS!!! I am hoping he'll get back into a normal habit and get it in the pot!
He had only one pee accident on vacation. I found him on the potty with pee in the toilet, but also soaked into his underwear and shorts. I think that was being too engrossed in what he was doing to get there in time. But he got his pants off on his own and some of his pee in the pot with no assistance! I am really proud of his potty accomplishments! Waiting until he decided he wanted to do it was the way to go!!

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My Family My Forever said...

Joe would love those floats with the water guns!

Gus looks adorable in his pool float.

I know y'all loved that pool. Wouldn't it be awesome to have one in your home yard? A dream of mine!!

Reese sounds like he is doing good with his potty training. Joe wore pull-ups for about a year and a half at night because he wouldn't get up during the night. Every now and then he still pees in the bed during the night, bless his heart. He also had accidents off and on for quite some time in his underwear. It sounds like Reese has really come a long way in the last couple months and you should be so proud!

I DO NOT like potty training!! And, am not looking forward to it in the near future with Jack:-).

LOVE this post, great pictures of your fun!