Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lake Chelan here we come!!

Getting ready to go......We loaded up the Thule on Friday night and the back of Nitro. We took WAY too much stuff. Saturday morning we packed our toiletries after our showers and filled an enormous cooler...and a big tub trug with non-perishables. We actually took off about 10:30am. Kyle's parents and grandparents drove behind us...we hit starbucks on the way to my mom's. Granddad bought the boys cookies. At my mom's we cleaned up the cookie mess Gus made and then he threw up. of course I had extra pants but no short in the car so he went shirtless. We headed to the pet lodge to drop off Tara...let me just say the cat room is REVOLTING. There were a million other cats so it did not smell good. Anyway...finally on the road!!! We arrived in Lake Chelan, Washington about 5pm-ish. This is where we stayed. We unloaded and assigned rooms. 3 little rooms on the top floor (with a/c) went to Kyle's parents, my mom and step-dad and the Nix parents-the other family that went with us. The main floor had one bedroom (with a/c) that Kyle's grandparents took---they pulled the old age card so they could avoid the stairs! Downstairs was a room with a queen bed and a crib, so we took that and blew up a twin air mattress for Reese. We got the double high style...very comfy. The big downstairs room had 2 twins and 2 futons for my brothers, the Nix girls and Travis' girlfriend Amy. Note I did not say there was a/c.....UGH it was HOT. I am totally acclimated to Washington weather apparently because I was roasting!!! Thankfully we had an in-ground pool we used every day!
Once we settled in we had our first dinner---burgers and dogs on the grill. We almost never do hot dogs at home but I must say a ball park beef frank on the grill is yummy!
What did we actually do....come back for more tomorrow! I just wanted to let you know we made it and I am still living!

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My Family My Forever said...

Wow, how was it without A/C? I have not ever stayed somewhere without it, and I hope I don't get to tell you how it is to do that:-). I'm sure it wasn't as hot there though as it gets here, I hope not anyway!

I hope Gus got to feeling better.

Y'all had your roofbox and all packed up, you did have a lot of stuff:-).

I hope you enjoyed visiting with all your extended family on the trip.