Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mutant Ninja Carrots

Back when we started our seeds, Reese went a little crazy with the carrot seeds. We planted more than I was going to but once they started growing in the ground I was glad since not too many survived and it seemed like one carrot per plant. Well not anymore! They look like a giant bush now. Reese really struggled to pull them. In the end I had to help.

After I got all the greens in a nice bunch for him he was able to pull these by himself. But the rest I had to do and I really struggled!
He toted our bucket of carrots in. He's showing off his "hulk" muscles.
These are our freaky mutant carrots.
Seriously they all look weird. We were going to have these with dinner just as a side, but since they are so freaky I decided to wait and hide them in a stew.Are these freaky mutant carrots normal in a home garden?!?!


My Family My Forever said...

I LOVE to read your posts. Seriously, you and I would crack up all day long going back and forth!

I have no idea why the carrots look like this. I have got to show this to my dad, I've never seen carrots shaped like this. They are cool!

Reese is super cute in these pictures. I bet he was so proud of his carrots too.

JessieLeigh said...

Those are some, um, interesting carrots. ;) I bet they'll taste super sweet and wonderful though! I planted a special "meant to be stubby" variety of carrots this year and they looked pretty typical- just short. Once you chop those babies up, no one will be the wiser and they will taste SO much better than store bought.