Monday, September 28, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

So basically I go to my designated blogs of choice every night to feed my daily fix. If someone I like references something interesting I go there and so on. This happened last night---through some convoluted path I can't retrace I wound up here. I found this awesome Muffin Tin Monday thing. I have thought about serving Reese's meals this way but have not gotten around to it. This blog event has inspired me! And I love the muffin tin picture she has!!
I'm going to link this up to the Muffin Tin Monday site, so folks may click over who haven't before. For those folks I just want to quickly explain hubby works swing shift so we have dinner around 1pm everyday. Daddy handled drop off and pick up of Reese from "preschool." Gus and I stayed home to cook. He had a blast!

Ta DA!! Reese's muffin tin dinner: clockwise from the bottom right corner
pork chop, homemade macaroni and cheese, green beans from our garden, mini marshmallows (he discovered these at Mimi's house last week), raisins, nectarines that we canned.

He was pretty excited about the serving display. I used a silicone muffin pan. He dug in before Daddy even made it to the table. Yes that's a raisin on the fork!

Of course he dug right into the meat, promptly emptied that compartment and began the daily meat chant: Meat! Meat! Meat!!!!!! accompanied by the frantic sign for please.
He even ate his marshmallows with the fork!This method worked great. After the meat was gone I conned him into eating half of the mac & cheese (normally he we not even he 1 bite), tasting the beans (he spit them out after making a horrid face and desperately swiping his lips with his hand), and even finishing the nectarines. Then he asked for more nectarines. This is quite an accomplishment because usually he won't eat moist fruit (i.e. anything from a can or fruit cup).
SUCCESS! I think we'll have Muffin Tin Monday everyday!!
You can head over here to see other people's interpretation of MTM.


Anonymous said...

Great job and welcome to MTM!

Rebecca said...

Very good job, its very cute! And that pic of Gus is so precious!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

LOVE your tin!!! Welcome to MTM!!! What cutie pies you have!

The Activity Mom said...

Welcome to MTM! What a success! we love it too. =)

dorothy pitt said...

Hey Heather This is Dorothy Pitt in New were Nicole's frst babysitter 15 yrs ago..anyway I anted to follow your blog could you email the way to have it on my homepage. Your babies are