Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back to School

Reese started back at Holly Ridge for preschool on Monday. We went to the 9am class (UGH!) and discovered the teacher we like is also going to do an 11:30 class. Woo hoo! Wednesday we're joining the 11:30 class. Aside from the time I also thought most of his class seemed really young. I don't really feel like it's too beneficial to be the oldest in the class, so the 11:30 will be better age wise....a few older kids for him to learn from.This their apple tree where they put their apple that has their name and photo. They do this in the circle time that starts off their day.
Playing with the kitchen gear, not overly excited to be interrupted for photos.
Taking a ride on the motorcycle in the waiting room on our way out--as you can see he's sick of the glasses already.


Anonymous said...

so Reese is 2 1/2 now?? It gets my math working seeing you are giving his age by months still. : )

Heather Benza said...

Yes, he turned 2 1/2 on Aug. 26, so he's a smidge over that now.