Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All About Angus

Angus has some issues with his poop. He can't seem to keep big ones inside his diaper lately. Luckily my trusty oxiclean soak gets his cute little duds clean. The other day Kyle and Gus were hanging out on the couch while I tended my farm (farmtown on facebook). All of a sudden I hear a frantic distressed yell. Gus had pooped and it soaked through--Kyle felt the wetness on his hand. He raced into the changing table---more frantic yells like maybe he'd seen a snake. I graciously offered to assist -- I collected the pooped on clothes and changing table cover for scrubbing and soaking (the more disgusting job due to the clingy mustard seed pieces). When I came back from the sink I found this:

In his frantic distress, Kyle put one of Reese's diapers on Gus. Somehow this photo doesn't really show how enormous the diaper is on him. I'm shocked he could lift him without it sliding off!

Here's Gus feeling happier in his own clean diaper and clothes, bouncing in his bouncy seat.

Here he is on Mimi's couch looking like fat rolly baby, but he's only 25th percentile in weight. The double chin cracks me up. Incidentally my double chin is gone and happily my snoring went with it. Reese and Kyle found it greatly amusing that I could sleep sitting up feeding Gus and snore super loud---they'll have to entertain themselves some other way now because the tubby Mommy is finally almost a normal size again! (30 pounds down about 10ish to go!!!)

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Julie said...

I know that he is a skinny mini, but I think he looks like a chunky monkey! When my boys pooped through, I upped the size of diaper and that would do the trick (regardless of the pound recommendations on the diapers.) Also, laundry detergent directly on the stain does wonders too on those poopy stains.