Sunday, September 6, 2009


We had just gotten into bed when I heard a thud. I thought for sure Reese fell out of bed but there was no crying. I went in to check just to be sure while Kyle investigated the kitchen. He said I think there is a fire.

See those flames behind our garage?So I ran out into the alley to find our neighbors car totally engulfed in flames. We were worried our vinyl fence would melt. Two fire trucks came and they put the flames out. The people's trash cans melted and the car parked behind it has a melted bumper. The car itself is totally burnt away leaving just a crispy shell. Luckily no people or houses were burned. It was a pretty crazy night though.


The White House said...

oh my oh my! wow! I am glad the fire department came quickly and that people were home to call them. What if everyone was on vaycay and it spread to burn down you're house...again! so crazy to have a fire right in front of your casa! most people never even have one fire near they're property in a life time. Though, I have heard of 2 fire's on our street within the last 5 years!!!

Wendy Ferrell said...

YIKES!! Do they think it might be arson? That is so scary. I'm glad your house/fence/car and you guys were okay...and that no one else was hurt. How freaky!