Thursday, September 3, 2009

DOCTORS DOCTORS all week long!!

We had 5 doctor appointments this week! The boys well baby check-ups went okay. Gus got 3 shots and an oral vaccine, so he was not too happy, but Reese needed no shots. Reese is 36" and 24 1/2 pounds. That is between 25 and 50th percentile for height. Third percentile for weight. Yes that is 3rd %!! Ha ha. Gus is 23 1/4" and 10 pounds 4 ounces. 75th percentile for height, 25th for weight. I had an XRay to see if my kidney stone is gone and it is. I will continue taking potassium citrate for 1 month to try to dissolve my uric acid kidney stones. October 2nd I'll get a cat scan to see of they are all gone. Regardless I've had no more pain so I am pleased with that.
I also saw my primary care physician and we are starting the weaning of the blood pressure drugs process. Woo hoo! I am hoping to dump them altogether ASAP. I also had my cholesterol checked and got the results back. My total is 280 (should be >200). Triglycerides 176 (should be >150) and LDL 206 (should be >100). SO........I have to start statins to get that under control. However you can't breast feed on that class of medication. So I am going to really make an effort to get my numbers down during the rest of the time I'm breast feeding. Hopefully I can take a low dose. I don't believe I can control it with diet and exercise just because of my family history but I'd like to avoid a high dose at this point. I'm looking at A LOT of years of taking statins. Since they ruin your liver I'd prefer not to destroy mine with medicine before my kids are out of high school.

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JessieLeigh said...

Grow, Gus, grow! He's doing so great! Our little one was only 1 oz lighter at her two month check-up. :) She was an inch shorter though.

I hear you on those light toddlers... C will be FOUR in three months and she weighs 27 lb. She has to have a special car seat to ride the bus to school. :)

Glad to hear they're working on weaning the BP meds and hoping that you can avoid those statins as much as possible.