Sunday, September 6, 2009

menu plan monday

This is Reese at 3 months old. One of the only times he had a round, pudgy cheeked face. I'm showing you this because he is wearing the same outfit Gus left the hospital in on day 3 of life. So Gus at 3 days is the size of Reese at 3 months!!! Also I think this photo shows how much alike they look!okay on to menu planningWe had leftover lasagna in the beginning of last week. And we bought pork chops at Costco so added them to the menu this week. SO we did not eat nachos, or fried rice. oops!
Last night I went through and planned for the rest of the month--4 weeks. Then I made 4 shopping lists of what we'd need to make those meals--week 3 I don't need to buy anything! Of course we'll need milk and fresh produce and such but really I discovered I can basically make a month of meals just out of our freezer and pantry. Woo Hoo!

Week One Sept. 7-13
Labor Day BBQ at Kyle's parents
fajitas with leftover carne asada from Kyle's mom
apple stuffed pork chops, sweet potatoes, green beans
green enchiladas (recipe on back of Old El Paso can)
veggie fried rice and egg rolls

Week Two Sept. 14-20
Red beans and Quinoa Chili
Butternut squash ravioli and alfredo sauce
Beef Barley Stew--need to search for a recipe--know a good one?
Chicken and Pork Risotto

Week Three Sept. 21-27
Spinach ravioli
Black Bean, Corn, Barley Burritos
Jambalaya using Zatarain's low sodium
Stubbs Chicken, rice, broccoli
Pork Chops marinated in teriyaki sauce on the grill, mini potato gratins, peas
Crunchy Tacos

Week Four Sept. 28-Oct.3
Spaghetti and aidell's meatballs
garlic chicken
baked ziti
chicken tetrazini

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