Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baking Boy

Reese has discovered a new favorite pastime---baking. He wants to continually add ingredients though. he hasn't figured out you can't add an infinite number of teaspoons of spices.
We made pumpkin butterscotch muffins together.

I made a double batch because who knows when I'll do it again. Reese was very intent on his stirring duty. Here he is mixing all the dry ingredients. This is after a little taste--unfortunately it's still just dry ingredients.Still Mr. Focused using 2 stirring tools to mix in the wet ingredients.I turned the light on in the stove so he could see. When he walked back into the kitchen and noticed he squealed with excitement and brought in his chair to sit and watch. He squealed again when they rose a bit. But as soon as the camera was aimed at him he went back to a straight face or covered his face completely. He is not too hot for smiling for the camera.
I failed to photograph the finished product, but they look like the ones in the link. Kyle and Reese love them. I think they are a bit too sweet. Butterscotch chips are super sweet. Next time we make these I think I'll cut back on the sugar a wee bit and see if anyone notices.

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The White House said...

I love the new glasses and surely those muffins sound YUMMY!