Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Food

More twinner jammies.

Gus has been really interested in our food so we started rice cereal. He loved the spoon but wasn't particularly thrilled by the cereal.

One of Reese's favorite circle time books at school is Go Away Big Green Monster, so we had to buy it for home.
Reese had me read it 5 times in a row to him and Gus one day this week. I'm kind of bummed Halloween is over. We've really had fun reading our Halloween books the last couple of weeks.

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JessieLeigh said...

So cute! We read our fall/Halloween books whenever the mood strikes. ;)

Love the twinsie jammies. They look so sweet together.

G. isn't showing much interest in table food and I'm in no hurry... I doubt we'll introduce cereal until mid-December or so. We'll see!