Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gus is 16 weeks

On Friday the 16th Gus was 16 weeks old. Wow--the time really flies.
He is trying out his skeleton jammies.
Reese & Gus waive "Hi"
He really likes sitting in the bumbo so he can see what his brother is up to.
He has very little shimmery blond hair you can see when he bends down a bit---very similar to Reese's 3 month old hair.
He has really discovered his hands.
He can yank all the toys on his bouncy seat to make them start the music. He is desperate to roll over but he can't quite figure out what to do with the elbow on the underside of the roll so he flops back. He laughs if Reese or Mommy look him in the eye. He laughs if Daddy boops his nose. He cries at everyone else. Sometimes he'll hold back and only poke out his pouty lip.

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