Sunday, October 11, 2009

OOPS Gus is 14 AND 15 weeks old!!

I forgot to tell you about Gus turning 14 weeks old October 2nd. He is starting to have an interest in toys:
He sampled a little cookie:

He thinks his brother is pretty funny.

On Friday October 9th Gus turned 15 weeks old! Holy Cow time sure does fly! He started the day in this super cute sweater outfit. He observed big bro's breakfast. During a nap he peed on this super cute suit, so we had to change.

He played a little football with Reese.

Then we headed out for some errands.
He was ready for our brisk fall day, wearing jeans for the first time! I was afraid he'd outgrow the length before he could wear them because the waist is ginormous. But he can finally fill them out enough that they don't slide down.

Reese got a new Huskies football he picked out from the Seahawks store even though Daddy really tried to steer him towards the Seahawk football. He is really enjoying roughhousing with the football lately.

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