Thursday, June 18, 2009

To Shower or Not To Shower

This is what Reese looked like the day after his baby shower. We held it on the originally planned day it just turned out he was 43 days old by then! Believe it or not this is a preemie sized onesie that is swallowing him. He still has his feeding tube in and a scratch on his chin.
So we've been debating the etiquette for having another shower since it's a boy again and only slightly more than 2 years have passed. My mom threw quite a large shower last time and thought it may be tacky to host again. I thought it may be tacky to have a shower period again. But it is decided as there is no host there is no shower. However, several people have asked me when my shower would be and acted like of course there should be another shower. SO.....we went ahead and registered at wishlists and baby registry both under Heather Benza. If you think a 2nd shower is tacky--perfect we're not having one. If you think that's absurd and want to get a gift---perfect there are some suggestions. Once I'm allowed to drive myself again I would love to meet for lunch or coffee and show off the new boy!

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