Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthdy Bash and Baseball

Reese had a birthday party on Sunday for my friend's 2 daughters. One wanted Luau (6 year olds) and one wanted Handy Manny (3 year olds). Since we don't watch tv except Sesame Street we don't know who Handy Manny is, so we went with the big kid Luau theme. Note Reese's stylin' Aloha shirt.
He was supposed to make a hand print and then decorate it with doodads and fill it with plaster of paris, but he wasn't into the hand print part. So we only got finger jabs a la grabbing a fist of dirt. He did enjoy the decorating part though:

He also really liked the Pinata--chili pepper because I think Handy Manny speaks Spanish.
Daddy is helping him take a whack.......which was great practice for the new tee. He thinks it's a lot of fun.

Though he does enjoy hitting it like a caveman club instead of swinging like a bat. During our practice session he learned two new words: tee and bat.#1 Draft Pick 2029?

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Julie said...

super cute! I want to get a bat and tee for my boys, but it will probably have to wait until after the move.