Thursday, June 25, 2009

Admitted AGAIN

So our last day as a family of three was essentially wasted on more monitoring. My followup NST today resulted in more heart rate decelerations, so back to the maternity ward for monitoring I went. Then at 6pm the nurse came in with a menu and said the on call doc (mine is on vacation) ordered dinner. I was a bit flabbergasted and discombobulated about what was going on--ok really I was pretty ticked off. I mean if I am having surgery this evening I can't eat and if I'm not I can certainly head home and eat there. SO the nurse says "didn't she (the oncall doc) say you'd spend the night and have surgery in the AM?" Well no because I didn't actually see or speak to a doc it's all hearsay through the nurses and medical assisstants. AND how doe sit make sense for me to hang out here and have surgery at my regularly scheduled time? I have laundry in the washer and a 2 year old to spend my last evening with! So the food came and well, I'm pregnant so obviously I can pretty much eat anytime and there it was in front of me, so I ate. Finally at 8pm they came in and said I can go home and return at 6am tomorrow. GRRR........wasted day!!!! So I have no family portrait of our last day as a family of three. So all I've got to say is my doc better be at work on time tomorrow because we are kind of sick of this taunting us with the possibility of having a baby! Hopefully we are ready to deal with having 2 boys at home!!!

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