Friday, June 26, 2009


On the way to the hospital.
Checking into our room.
Getting ready to go to the OR for anesthesia, then surgery.

And the boy is here!!

Angus Robert Benza
June 26, 2009
6 pounds 9 ounces
19 inches long

GUS in his yoga position


Melody said...

Congratulations! He's adorable! I love the name you guys chose!

The White House said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Great yoga pics Gus! I love it! Can we come see you on Sunday? what day are you due to come home?

Julie said...


anya* said...

Hurray!! I just read the news as I am still out of town- but I am so happy for this beautiful healthy boy!! Way to go Heather! I cannot wait to meet Gus!

Barbara Smith said...

Congrats he is beautiful.... I'm so excited for you... ours will be here in 10 weeks....

JessieLeigh said...

Sending you all big congrats! He is absolutely beautiful! I loved checking out all of the pictures. You look great too, Mama. :)

Sorry this is so late-- we were en route from IN to CT all weekend. Whew! But I am so excited to read about Gus's arrival. Enjoy every precious moment!!!

Wendy Ferrell said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! What a little blessing he is!! I love his name too. ;) So happy for you guys!!