Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Surprise Delivery?

Well, we thought we may get a baby earlier than planned. Yesterday my BP spiked and at my NST I had a lot of contractions and the boy took a LONG time to perform his tasks. So they sent me home with a 12 hour urine collection and doubled my dose atenolol (my beta blocker). When I dropped my urine jug off this am my OB's assistant said yesterday (NST day) he had her shuffle all his appointments and put us on the surgery schedule. WOWZER! But then he spoke with my perinatologist who said wait for the urine results to see if my protein is high and if it's not try to hold off. Bummer. So of course we have been anxiously awaiting the phone call--with my bag packed and an overnighter for Reese ready to go and Kyle itching to call into work and start his leave. Of course my protein is below the 300 cut off at 273, so.....she's waiting to talk to my OB about "the plan" since really protein over 300 would be the go ahead and we're not quite that high it's kind of a subjective call to make. My OB goes on vacation Saturday (he'll be back to do my c section next Friday) but I think he was quicker to say let's do it this week so I don't end up with a problem next Tuesday at NST for one of his partners to make the call on. And I am not all that hot with the idea of some random doc making the call for me. We were all set for Friday the 26th but the prospect of having a baby this week kind of jazzed us up a bit, so of course now we are anxiously awaiting news that "the plan" includes delivery tomorrow. It's quite the letdown once your hopes are up. I guess this is how it feels to go in to labor and delivery thinking labor has started only to be sent home with a braxton-hicks diagnosis. UGH!

UPDATE: I got the call this evening. Previously my proteins were 408, so the atenolol is obviously working to bring it down to 273. Doubling the dose should definitely prevent any blood pressure spikes so we are waiting until June 26 as previously planned. Which is probably better anyway. My doc goes on vacation Saturday-Thursday and I am the first thing on his calendar on his first day back, so he should nice and refreshed and raring to go. I met with the anesthesiologist tonight who answered all my questions. So I feel pretty good about that aspect now. But man it sure would've been nice to have a baby tomorrow!!!

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Wendy Ferrell said...

I can't wait to see pics of BBB2 next week! We're going to be out of town starting the 26th until the 30th, so I probably won't get to a computer until we get back. But, I'll look forward to checking out lots of pics then!! =)