Friday, June 19, 2009

37 weeks

This is what Reese looked like at 37 weeks. By this time he had moved to Harrison's nursery to "feed and grow." See no feeding tube! He was eating all his food from a bottle on this day.

And this is what Benza Boy Baby #2 looks like:
It totally looks like he's shrunk since the massive 35 week photo. Of course he didn't shrink, but he has tapered off. I am 37 weeks today and he is measuring 37 weeks. In previous weeks he was measuring a little bigger than his actual age. Even still he is a buffalo compared to Reese.
The name game is still in play. This name choosing is hard work. We cut Miles from the list a little while back leaving us with Sawyer (no nickname) or Angus (Gus for short). Both of which I like, but both of which I worry could be names maybe I won't like as much forever...I'd prefer not to regret our choice you know? Then we watched Run, Fat Boy, Run with Simon Pegg (you know: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Ice Age 3) and Kyle says "Hey Simon is a cool name I like that. Let's add it to the list" Mind you this was my number one pick back in October and Kyle was vehemently opposed. Not just mildly against, but hated it. So now it's back in the mix. My husband is a fickle thing. We have 7 days to figure it out. I wonder if you MUST decide before leaving the hospital?

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Julie said...

No you don't have to have a name before leaving the hospital. But you know what I think will happen, is you and Kyle are going to see this precious little guy and you will know his name. It will just fit. I can't wait!!!