Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plum Tree

My friend, Julie, that brings the plums to our canning sessions is moving BEFORE canning time, so I had to by a plum tree. I can't live without my plum jelly!

I figured fruit trees are probably big bucks, but I headed over to Bremerton City Nursery just to see. Well they were very helpful and they had ONE self fertilizing (usually you need 2 trees) dwarf plum left for only $30!!! Even better--I kept my sales tax dollars in my own city--gotta do what we can to help pay for that money pit tunnel they built, don't ya know.

On our last trip Target Daddy picked up some gardening tools for Reese in hopes of thwarting the theft of his own. Reese REALLY like to play in the dirt with his rake and shovel. He was very helpful filling the hole back up with soil, though he also likes to take it back out and move it to the grass or an empty pot.
Here is our plum tree, anxiously awaiting fruit next summer!

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