Saturday, June 20, 2009

Benza Boy Baby #2 Contest

So it seems in the bloggy world everyone is giving away a prize to the best guesser of the new baby's stats. The best guesser of BBB2 will get a gift card to the movies!!
The date will be June 26. My surgery is scheduled for 8am. Reese was scheduled for 9am or 9:30, but ended up at 10:26am though, so you can't really tell.
What you need to guess is:
Whoever comes closest to being 100% accurate will win the prize. So leave your guess in the comments.

*******UPDATE: Maybe I should've mentioned the name WILL be one of the finalists on our list: Sawyer, Angus, Simon. Since we haven't chosen yet I will try to wait to look at guesses so we aren't influenced in our choice.
Someone named anonymous guessed, but I don't know who you are if you win.


Anonymous said...

Max (Maxwell)

5:01 p.m.


8lb 2oz

anya* said...

18.3 inches
6 lbs 9 oz

Julie said...

pick me!!! ;)

10:12 am
19 inches
7 lbs 5 oz

Teresa said...

Sawyer (LOST fan here)
9:43 am
20 1/4 inches
8 lbs 3.5 oz

The White House said...

11:23 AM
6.5 LBS
20.5 inches.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid he would be teased with a name like know "Where's the Beef" kids can be cruel when it comes to different names.

Heather Benza said...

Ha ha--Is that anonymous Candy? Kyle's mom has been asking Where's the Beef? since we first mentioned the possibility of Angus! We'd call him Gus if we choose Angus.
ANd listen people, my surgery is scheduled for 8am I will be uber unhappy if we don't have a baby by 8:30!!!!

JessieLeigh said...

9:14 am
7 lb 14 oz

Can't wait to hear!!! :)