Monday, December 29, 2008


It's been so weird this last week. Normally we have "dinner" before Kyle goes to work in the afternoon so we don't bother with breakfast except for Reese. Kyle takes leftovers, and I eat or maybe not. Then Kyle gets home at midnight and we have salad. But last week with all the snow and then this week with vacation from work, Kyle has been home so much our eating is out of whack. Since he's not eating his leftovers at work everyday we had TONS. This week he is home so we are super flexible, so we just picked out some meals we will eat this week and not necessarily assign a day. And we need more than dinner planned for a change! It's been super nice having Kyle home so I can nap when I need to instead of when Reese does. Apparently today I crashed on the couch and slept through Reese drumming and them cooking and eating lunch---I heard absolutely nothing!! I sure hope the 1st trimester fatigue is over by the time Kyle goes back to work.

chicken curry sandwich the Victorian Tea Room recipe (maybe 3 or 4 times)
egg salad sandwiches
bagel pizzas
dinner leftovers

leftover Christmas pork loin (from Saturday with Kyle's parents), homemade mac n'cheese (with chedder and gruyere cheeses), steamed brussel sprouts
Fajita Potatoes
stuffed green peppers
sombrero dip burritos
ham casserole

Monday we're going to a movie and dinner with another couple and one day we'll finish up the leftovers from the burritos and casserole.

There are tons of ideas for your menu at OrgJunkie.

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