Wednesday, December 31, 2008

working hard

Kyle is busily ripping out the walls near the entrance door in the basement so we can add insulation and put up attractive walls---what was there before was probably asbestos filled archaic ratty wall material. Reese's intake vent became totally exposed when the sheetrock in the basement was removed. I found him this afternoon laying on his belly looking through the vent at what Daddy was doing below. Of course, he popped up when I brought in the camera. He sits "indian style" all the time now.He spent the rest of the afternoon practicing his guitar hero drumming skills. He seems to like it just as much as the drums that make noise.

2008 in review

Reese got glasses in January and turned one in February. Kyle and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary in March. In April Kyle travelled to San Diego for 2 quick work weeks and on the way home from the airport we hit the Woodland Park Zoo---the first time for Reese and Mommy. In May Kyle hit the big 3-0. We visited Kyle's grandparents and brought them back to to the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop starting in Vancouver. In July Heather turned the dreaded 35 and we vacationed in Sunriver, Oregon where I got to go to the sisters quilt show. Reese also had hernia surgery. In August and September we travelled to San Diego for Kyle's work where Reese really enjoyed swimming in a warm pool (yes Washintonians there is such a thing). In October we started speech and occupational therapy for Reese --basically structured play at this age. We got confirmation via ultrasound that we are expecting baby #2. Sometime in November Reese started signing and saying "please". In December he added "kitty", "uh-oh", "bye" and "oh wow" to his verbal repetoire. And we had a white Christmas!!!!
Have a save and happy 2009!!

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