Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting Ready for Chrstmas

Reese had a really good time helping Daddy put up the outside Christmas lights. He loves having his turn on the ladder.
He's not too pleased when it's someone else's turn.

He had his first cinnamon bun and sniffed in cinnamon frosting--yeah that on his nose is bun frosting not boogers.
He LOVES to find all the bells on the tree and is sure to ring any and all he can reach. We are not being too diligent with the don't touch rule. I just sparingly decorated and didn't put any of the Hallmark ornaments up and only non-breakables are down low.Another favorite Christmas tree past time is crawling under it to get to the cat. He has perfected this skill so he can back out without hitting his head on the tree.
He has perfected this skill by crawling under the bed after Yodi and coming out the side. The cats are so happy he has acquired this skill.
He can now officially sign "please" and says EEEEEEE out loud and uses this word appropriately. He says "uh-oh" whether it's an accident or not. He says kitty and he says bye-bye with a wave. He does this to us if he is going to walk more than a few feet away and he does it unprompted to any cashiers after we finish checking out at a store.

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