Monday, December 15, 2008

what we did last week

We met with our mommies group at the Belfair Library to do some finger painting and ornament making. We were able to use their room with big work tables for free for a whole hour. They actually let us pick up a key the night before so we could start before they open. Here is Reese painting without his shirt---luckily the heat was a thousand degrees so I could remove his shirt since I forgot to bring a cover up!!
After painting we headed to the salon. The boys are waiting to be called back.
Reese got a Cesar cut. Very big boy like.

This is Yodi's new favorite place in the house as long as Reese is distracted. He's back under the bed one Reese realizes the elusive cat is out in the open. You can see the ugly "hold up the tree apparatus"--probably has an official name. I am ALMOST done the binding on my tree skirt and then it will be covered and pretty.

Here is Reese hanging with Maddie in the snow during the Tree hunt. Acually I think Uncle Travis may be sawing away at the tree during this photo. It started snowing just as we got in the car to head to the tree farm (we like Bacon's in Belfair). We did not get a super lot -- the roads are good, but the yard and rooftops have a nice covering. No rain followed and it has been in the 20s so we avoided the nasty gray slush. We still have a nice white dusting to offset our outside Christmas lights. Notice Reese's hands are up around the elbow region of this coat he got last Christmas, but I was afraid if we didn't pull it out he'd be too big next year. AND it was super cold, way too cold for his denim jacket or fleece, so he appreciated the ski coat warmth. I did refrain from putting on the ski bib pants--thought that may be a little overboard considering it was just flurries.

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