Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I do not have a photo--ugh terrible mommy today is Reese's 22 month birthday. I'll do it tomorrow, but I had to pop over with a little tidbit of shocking info. We were under the ridiculous impression (clearly we weren't thinking) that Reese's speech and OT were 100% covered by the early intervention program. But we (I use that loosely I guess really Kyle made) 4 thousand dollars too much for that to be the case. So Holly Ridge (the place Reese goes) gave us some forms to fill out to see if we qualify for their coverage which covers what insurance doesn't. Apparently their rules are different from whoever would pay if we made $4K less. Part of the form is to break down the charges for each family member: TOTAL medical/dental, then how much the family is responsible for, how much did we pay and how much do we owe. So I logged onto my handy KPS account online and searched all our claims in one easy place....woo hooo! Love it when technology actually works for us because I have been oh so frustrated with Vista lately. Well anyway Kyle and I both accrued less than 2K each including 2 dental visits each, we both had teeth xrays. I had a physical with cholesterol check and stuff and a level 2 ultrasound. Kyle got a zillion flu visits to the prompt care. I feel like we got a lot for our $2k (we paid just under $500 out of pocket for that). Reese on the other hand has accrued ..... are you ready for it.....$55,962.64 worth of medical services this year. SOOOOO happy we have insurance. I did not go through each claim on the 5 pages of claims he has to see what his out of pocket portion has been -- it's too much and too late at night to delve into it. The hospital part of his surgery was a little over 10k and they have still not completed the billing on that so we don't know our part of that yet. I may just do a smidge at a time since I can't really submit my form without that info since it's a pretty big chunk of his total costs. Anyway, just couldn't wait until I had a photo to post to share the whopping total of Reese's health care.

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