Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Update Saturday @ 9pm

Depending on the source we are expecting anywhere from 3-22 inches of snow. It stated snowing here about 2pm and has not stopped. It's steady but very small flakes so even though it's been about 7 hours it's not real deep yet. All the foot prints we made the other day have filled in.

Reese is very excited to stand on a chair looking out the window at the snow fall and the occassional passerby playing in the snow. He also likes checking out the cars---some are hauling butt, but most are going the speed limit for a change (25 mph). We've seen the plow/sand truck a handful of times, so I guess he's working the 11th St/Burwell loop.

We decided to hit the grocery store for stamps because my cards have been ready all week, but I had no stamps and we didn't realize Wednesday's snow was small potatoes, so we didn't go to the post office. So out we went today before the 4pm storm watch started. However it was 2pm and the snow started early. We went to Safeway and literally almost every parking space was full. There were no carts to be had, not even in the parking lot. A nice guy by himself gave us his and used a hand cart instead. We figured we may as well stock up, so we got a few tidbits. Not really a stock up but more than the stamps and soda we originally set out for. It was an absolute mad house!!! Now we're set for our big snow in. I wish I had thought to take photos of the snow's progression. I'll take another before we go to bed and then in the morning so we'll have a little to compare. Reese was supposed to go to the eye doctor Monday---hmmm.....maybe not gonna make it. I hate to miss our 2008 allotment from insurance though. If we have to reschedule I bet we won't get in until 2009.

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