Saturday, December 20, 2008

midnight snow update

Here's the snow at midnight--this view allows me to just stand in the doorway without actually taking my feet outside.
***hmmmm.....just realized this posted as Saturday---because it's not midnight yet, my camera said it was 12:20, so I guess I need to dig out the book and fix the clock. grrrr...I feel overrun with electronical failings tonight. --more on this topic after the video.

Here is a video of Reese playing in the house because Kyle said absolutely not to my suggestion of getting bundled up and going out to play in the snow----scrooge thinks it's too cold and didn't want to get out of his jammies.
(this is 2 minutes--you can fast forward to the laughing part at 1 minute)
(MOM--you have to hit pause on the music playlist to turn off the song so you can hear Reese)

Since we're snowed in we decided to have a guitar hero challenge after Reese hit the sack, but sadly Kyle's machine has 3 flashing red lights in the ring of life or whatever---basically the piece o' crap don't work anymore. Actually back when it was new and everyone else was getting duds Kyle's worked fine, but I think for $400 it should work more than 2 years. Surprisingly the miser did not hesitate to suggest going to Walmart "right now" to buy a replacement on the house budget. They are closed and the roads are a little bad for heading to the 24 hour Poulsbo store. So I think this means we'll be snowed in past Christmas with no guitar hero. bummer....
oh he just informed me that "this is a crisis for crying outloud!" to justify his willingness to spend the extra bucks.

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