Thursday, December 18, 2008


We had a huge amount of snow overnight, so we bundled Reese up to go out and "play" and get some photos before it's gone. Actually it looks like we may stay snowy for awhile. Kyle's hoping he'll walk in to work and get sent home with pay but not have to use his leave----we'll see.

Reese is getting bundled. He has on footie pjs and is getting on his ski bib overalls.

Once we got outside Dad set him down but didn't give him a chance to balance (he really hasn't figured out how to walk in rain boots yet) so he immediately face planted. You can see Dad's legs in the background, no rush to try to save the boy from hypothermia.

Needless to say the boy was not pleased.

He can't even stand up so he's leaning on Dad. He screamed so loud the neighbor came out to see him.

He finally got it together and decided to give "playing" a try. He is way into throwing everything so I thought snowballs would be good, but the whole time I said "throw the ball" he gave me the evil eye. He clearly doesn't see the thrill of the snow. Maybe that comes later when it means no school. Right now he just thinks the the clothes are too bulky and the temperature is too cold for it to resemble fun.


The White House said...

Request : More pictures of the Cezar hair cut! Reese looks so cute all bundled up out there!!!! OMG! Thank goodness for insurance! Those medical bills sure add up!

Julie said...

Did you try the snow again? I bet on day 2 he would have a better time because it is not so new.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

You have been blogging for a long time!

Jack didn't like snow at this age either, at all!