Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas presents

We planned to have Christmas am at our house to open gifts and have breakfast before going to my mom's house, but since the weather has been so bad we thought we should get to my mom's as early as we could so we could leave before dark in case it refroze So we opened Christmas presents Christmas Eve morning--Reese has no idea what day it is anyway. He was very excited with the ball and truck that were not wrapped. Not too interested in the unwrapping process and the fact that the ball and truck had to be removed from his hands to get to the unwrapping.You know when you're choosing photos you can pick from minuscule thumbnail shots and my photo thing that makes them big moves so slow, so I picked this photo as he was super excited about his tools, but now I see his eyes are closed. We are getting ready to go to Kyle's parent's since Christmas Eve had to be postponed so I want to get this posted fast, thus you are getting an eyes closed photo.

Hmmmm...intrigued with this band in a box that really seems to be a multitude of weapons!

Christmas morning we went to Mimi and Poppop's where Reese got about a million gifts, but the biggie is this drum set:

Daddy and Reesie got it set up in Reese's big boy room as soon as we got home. Once he sleeps in there full time we may have to adjust this arrangement but for now he's still in his crib so we'll leave the drums in his bog boy room. He LOVES them. He also got tons of books and a few cute outfits, a medical kit, a cash register and his first pair of Vans from Uncle Travis.

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