Friday, December 23, 2011

The Presents are here!

We go to my family's house on Christmas day and they want us there to open presents in the morning. It would be ridiculous to wake the boys early, make then open their gifts in a fog, then say "time to get ready" and rush out the door before they can even play with their stuff, then have them spend the rest of the day cranky. So we open our gifts on Christmas Eve morning. Santa hits our house on the eve of Christmas Eve before he starts on Norad's traditional route.
Here is our tree. You can see Gus' crib in his room so you know he had a great view!
Reese agreed to have his door closed so Santa could do his work in private. It is just to the right of the tree so he has a full on view. Since we don't have a mantel or fireplace Santa left his gifts and stocking right at his bedroom door.
We left milk and plenty of cookies. Reese said he needed lots of cookies because Santa "is a big fat man!" Daddy not only gobbled them up he didn't even leave any crumbs!

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

Funny about the milk and cookies.

Looking forward to seeing your after Christmas pics and what the boys got too!! Hint, hint :-).

I hope y'all had a blast and a special time at home and with your family.