Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Break - Zoo Lights

Kyle's work shuts down from Christmas to the New Year, a period we refer to as Christmas Break or "the break." I think this is because we equate this to the break from school over the holidays and we forget we're not still that age. So we made some big plans for the break, a bazillion things that there would not be nearly enough time to do. We did get to a handful of activities.
On Monday we slept until noon to recuperate from the late nights/early-ish morning of the previous several days. The boys played with some new toys while assessed our new storage needs. Then we headed out to Zoo Lights.It was cold and slightly blustery, but mostly dry. I'm so glad we chose to go Monday because our other plan was Tuesday which turned out to downpour. The boys really enjoyed the lights and a handful of the animals.The penguins were out in full force. We also saw a tiger and a camel. Reese really wants to go back to see the animals now. I told him we should put that on his birthday wishlist....zoo membership, hint, hint.

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