Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Break - Chuckie Cheese

On Thursday Gus had his 2 1/2 year well baby appointment at 12:30 and all three guys had haircuts at 5:45 in Silverdale. Now I guess we could've gone home in between but in an effort to consolidate our trips we decided to stay. To fill the gap we went to Chuckie Cheese. I took the boys awhile back to a birthday party on a Saturday. CHAOS! It was so packed. We only used about half of our tokens. I promised we'd go back with Daddy and this time slot during the break was the perfect time!
SO we saved about a gallon of gas by staying in town, but we spent $65 at Chuckie Cheese! Yeah so much for cost effective. The boys had a blast and Kyle did too.Reese loved the driving games and this snow mobile one. They made me ill. I think I need a motion sickness band to play these. It was funny since someone else was using the other machine Gus just climbed on with Reese.

Reese really got into air hockey with another little boy. I thought he was just having fun, but when the other kid had to leave and I stepped in I realized Reese was digging it because he smoked the other kid. As soon as I got ahead by one point he got all grumpy and didn't want to play! I made him finish, but he was less enthusiastic.He moved back onto the exciting riding games.He loved the riding games even when he was just hanging on the back of the chair while Gus drove. Of course neither could reach the gas pedal but they thought it was great just the same.
I could not get Gus out of the little kid rides! We rode this Handy Manny ride about 7 times!!!
Anyway, it was a bit expensive, but we actually liked the pizza (we got a large for us AND a little one for the boys to share so we could have good toppings). I thought they had an awesome salad bar so Kyle and I got salad bar as well. Then we went ahead and bought the snazzy Chuckie cup for the boys...from now on they'll get free refills at any Chuckie Cheese forever! (That's how we'll make our money back!!) We also had to go back and buy $10 worth of tokens. So clearly this will be a sometimes activity as opposed to a regular outing.

By the way Gus passed his well baby exam with flying colors...stellar across the board!


JessieLeigh said...

You are a better woman than I, Heather. I loathe Chuck E. Cheese. Of course, my husband would say I'm just bitter because they wouldn't let me ride the mechanical horse when I was 8 months pregnant... ;)

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Can you believe how much that place costs?? That's like when Jamie takes the kids to Frankie's Fun Park here. They love it though. I LOVE Reese in all of these pictures, Heather!